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  • Brix Refractometer
    Brix Refractometer
Portable Brix Refractometer, TR series hand held refractometer

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Ranges    : 0-32%
Division   : 0.20%
Accuracy : 0.20%


Model  Range Min.Div. Accuracy
TR-032 0-32% Brix 0.2% Brix ± 0.2%

0~32% Brix Refractometer Meter


1)Accurate, easiest-to-read scale available with clear, sharp figures, screen shading,and incredible contrast.
2)These features significantly enhance overall accuracy even when several different operators use the instrument.
3)All units feature rubber grips on the body, which block the transmission of hand heat to reduce temperature errors.


1)Easy and convenient to use
2)High Quality, Accurate testing result
3)Large daylight plate for easy viewing
4)Rubber eye cup for comfort